Nicole Scherzinger ft 50 Cent "Right There" Official Music Video *NEW / Former Lead Pussycat Doll / FASHION Disaster or Historical Move?

Brand new record for y'all to kick things off for the new blog, the former lead Pussy Cat Doll reminds me of Rihanna of this one. Hot record, I do think the video has a ton of great shots and was put together well. Nicole Scherzinger is looking real good with her nicely toned body, shaking her hips and booty in the streets of LA. in this video... although I'm hearing mixed reviews from the fashion community. 

Personally I think she looks sexy as hell, and she's pushing the limits with the outfits. I like the Native
American feel to the first outfit she's wearing, she pulls it off with that nice tan skin complexion. Her other outfits are just as sexy although one kinda has me questioning it... the outfit shes wearing in the indoor dance scenes... skeptical I must say. But what do you think about her outfits? Fire her fashion designer or give em an award for taking a leap? And 50 didn't really do anything crazy, but looking fresh... that coat's kinda ill, rocking some aviators sunglasses with the NY fitted... check it out, and let me know what you think~

Here are some pictures from the music video~


Yeaaa Nicole Scherziner is absolutely gorgeous regardless of what she's wearing ~

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